Why do you do it?

Brilliant Friends,
What’s your motivation for building strength?
Do you do it for the physique? Competition? A sport or job? Or for your general health and well being?
Any of these can be a great reason.
Just remember that whatever the reason is, be able to point to it and say this is why I train hard. This is why I eat well. And sometimes, this is why I’m not going to train today, because I’m tired and going to the gym isn’t going to get me closer to why I’m doing it.
Orienting your training around a goal or purpose allows you to make better decisions about how to train, when, and whether you need to take more or less of a break in between sessions. Don’t get trapped in the cycle of aimless gym sessions.
Know that you can tailor your training, hit it hard when the frying pan’s hot, and on days when you aren’t getting anywhere, either too tired or distracted, just walk out of the gym. I’ve done that plenty of times. I’ll cross out whole exercises in my notebook when I was supposed to be hitting PR’s, because I knew that I wouldn’t benefit from pushing myself that day.
Be effective in the long game. Holding back is sometimes harder than giving it your all. Know that holding back can be just as much an exercise in getting stronger as completing a session.
To powerful living.

2 thoughts on “Why do you do it?”

  1. Much agreed brother. I often tell people to find a competition or even just a specific perormance goal to work towards. I have been absolutely amazed in the past with how much harder I will work–often subconsciously–when I put a goal in front of myself. Even when I already thought I was giving it everything I had.

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  2. Awesome! Yes, it seems we’re hardwired to intentionally go toward something and perform much better when doing so, rather than letting ourselves fall into actions that lead nowhere.


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