Get Sunlight

Brilliant Friends,

Get sunlight every day as soon as you wake up, or as early as possible in the day.

Sun touching your skin induces production of vitamin D, essential to thousands of gene expressions.

Sunlight causes production of sulphur, also essential to your body’s functions. It gives you the sort of “high” that you might have noticed from being outside.

So being in the sun helps your body function and literally makes you fell better.

It can will help set the circadian rhythm in you, if you’re having trouble sleeping early. This also helps you get up earlier, feeling ready to go sooner after waking.

If you can’t get outside first thing in the morning, or you have to push it off because you’re running late, do it later. Just try to get a little every day. Start somewhere. You’ll find that you want more and more of it, and it’s a habit that gets easier and easier to do.

To powerful living,

Steve Ko

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