Move Everyday

Brilliant Friends,

Critical to our humanity is the minimal requirement for our bodies to be subjected to some form of meaningful, comprehensive movement every day.
It doesn’t matter if you can’t do a full training session at the gym. Take a walk outside to a place that will make you move for 10-15 minutes, round trip. Like the ATM, or park.
If you go to the park, take off your shoes and socks and get your feet and toes in contact with Earth. Let them open up and practice stability, balance, and the basic human expression of walking.
If you can’t leave home then put out some body weight squats, pushups (correct shoulder position!), or kettle bell swings.
If you don’t have kettle bells, use a canvas bag filled with stuff, a gallon water bottle, whatever you can reasonably and safely swing between your legs without losing grip.
My all time favorite right now: handstands against the wall. It’s been a few weeks, and I’m starting to find my balance away from the wall. It’s an amazing feeling!
Handstand Powerlifting 1Handstand Powerlifting 2Handstand Powerlifting 3Handstand Powerlifting 4Handstand Powerlifting 5Handstand Powerlifting 6
Do something different every day if you can. But most importantly, do something.
To powerful living,

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