Sleep Deficiency Paradox

Sometimes when you most need to sleep you least want to sleep.

But of course not sleeping enough leads to an even greater need for it. And a paradox is established.

The mind loops in a helpless feedback series. Why am I not feeling good? Why am I not doing the best I can do? I must do more. I must try harder. Performance gets worse. And so forth.

The deepest hole you can be in is when you don’t realize you’re in this feedback loop. Mindfulness and meditation enable you to see it clearer when it happens.

But the only thing to do really is to sleep. It’s a strange thing though, sleep. It’s timeout for the mind. And the mind doesn’t want timeout. No one wants to be taken out of the game. Away from the fun. From the possibility of something, happening…

But sometimes we need to override that thought cycle and take charge. It’s okay to shut down. It’s good to retire. Coming back will be even better. The harder core the rest, the more amazing the comeback. I promise.

Drop the FOMO. Sleep.

To powerful living,


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