Is It Necessary

A friend asked me if lifting weights is necessary.

Is it necessary for a healthy, happy life? No, depending on who you are. Most people can fundamentally change their lives simply by eating well and walking as transport.

Lifting weights as exercise, as a method and technique for capability, is a life-long regimen for health. Just as we brush our teeth regularly so we can chew food, so we train ourselves to be strong. It is not a replacement for physical living.

Going somewhere on foot, moving heavy objects, sitting and standing without trouble, and being amazing and expressing ourselves are the rewards of training strength.

It’s not about the gym. It’s about using a gym as a means of enhancing life outside of it.

And if it’s not for you, then it’s not. But if you decide to train, decide whether you need to or want to. Want will always effect greater life-wide change than need.

To powerful living,


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