All or Nothing or Something

I can’t believe how many times I don’t do a good thing for myself just because I’m afraid deep inside that I’ll keep having to do it.

‘I don’t want to stretch for fifteen minutes because I don’t know if i can do that consistently.’

‘I don’t want to meditate tonight because I don’t have time to make that a daily routine.’

‘I don’t want to say No to sweets because I don’t know if I can keep saying No.’

Don’t let “all or nothing” be a roadblock. It hinders as an excuse to not start, to not continue, to not finish something.

It is the motto of perfectionism. Perfectionism renders incomparable beauty from dedicated effort toward a specific creation. But in the midst of vague intentions it causes greater obscurity. Perfectionism hauls in the responsibility of finality, a moment in eternity that doesn’t exist without a beginning.

If you are dedicated to changing the world, changing yourself, then perfectionism isn’t necessary. What’s necessary is something. Taking a step, solving one problem, getting through one day.

Being clear minded and strong does not require worry about the infinite. Doing five squats later today, taking a barefoot walk for ten minutes after dinner, trying to make butter coffee for the first time, doesn’t mean daily obligation forever. It just means you are making a difference today. Or tomorrow. You are finding out, right in the moment, what this or that new thing can do for you.

It’s not about always or never being healthy. It’s about today, right now, in a tangible moment, doing something.

We are the culmination of our actions. And we continue to act.

We are made of each bite of food we eat. And we continue to eat.

We are as strong as our weakest link. And we continue to train.

When you find something amazing, no matter how small, then appreciate that one thing and find that again the next time. No need to think forward to the distant horizon. No one’s making you sign a contract. Take each of your own steps as you will, free yourself of obligation of the world. Breathe, breathe, center down on yourself!

So it’s not all or nothing. It’s something. Untie yourself from absolutes. Be free to do one thing at a time. We only have moments.

Be powerful!


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