Tug of War

We think we have eternity. We think we are responsible for everything. The truth is different.

We only have moments to live. Each moment is our designation to emit power. To create. To nurture. To kindle the fire. To speak from the heart.

Tug of war is a drawn out battle that ends with the victory of one side or the other. The side that works as a team, that coordinates along one mentality, one method, one technique, and one effort, will win. The team that wins each moment by moment, in each coordinated pull, wins the war.

The team that tries to win the whole war from the beginning, on the other hand, quickly realizes that they are missing something. They  lose the first moment. And they lose the war from the start.

Fight for life pull by pull. Your wellness depends on little initiatives day to day. It doesn’t have to be an overhaul. Coordinate with closest friends, family, teammates. Every move you have made up until this point counts too. It will all swell up behind you in a magnificent wave, carrying you as you take just the next step.

Do something today. Need an idea? Eat a green leafy vegetable. A lot of it!

Live powerfully,


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