Let’s Be Happy

Brilliant Friends,

We know what it means to be happy. We have been happy. And I’m going to take a leap here and say it. We are happy.

If you’re not happy right now, I’ll say this. Let’s be happy.

I’m going to play a trick on you now. Scan your surroundings for these:

  • What you are holding in your hand.
  • What you are wearing.
  • What sounds you are hearing.
  • Where you are.
  • The people next to you.
  • What you feel.
  • What you’ve been thinking about.
  • Something new you learned.
  • The weather.
  • The food you ate last night.
  • A deep talk with someone, and who that person is.

Alright, have these things visualized in your mind, or look at them if they’re right there.

Can you be happy about any one of these things? Then be happy about it. Say to yourself, “Hm, I have this. I’m happy that I have it.” Expand out with it, try saying this for three or four simple things that are in your head.

Oh wait, that’s just gratitude. Exactly. That’s how the two connect. Tricked you, didn’t I? Did you dare feel happy for a moment?

Here’s the logic. If we can be happy about something when we acknowledge that we have it, then it would be difficult to be happy if we don’t think about what we have.

It’s hard to just be happy because we’re so busy thinking of what we don’t have. Things aren’t going our way. We could use more of that. It would be nice if we had that.

Wanting and getting more is part of a thriving life. But if we don’t take a moment to think about the good things we already have, or the good we experienced in the past, we won’t be happy.

Happy is an attitude. Attitudes come from decisions. You decide how you approach life. You decide what attitude you don.

There’s no obligation to be happy about anything, ever. If you want to be happy, though, be happy now for what you have. Practice it, perpetuate it, and the world is a happy place. Even in the midst of wanting, getting, and growing.

Live powerfully,


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