Training Under the Blue Sky

There is nothing like training under the grand blue sky. I had the amazing opportunity today to train with friends at their home. They’ve arranged a portion of their backyard for the purpose of training in the open. It’s complete with squat racks, pull up bars, and mats for deadlifting. Training with them outside is wonderful.

It’s easier to focus. I was, for the moment, just one humble creature of many under the sun. There is no ego when clean, crisp air surrounds me. No mirrors to distract me. No walls or ceiling to frame me.

I feel gratitude under the sun. The light it gives off, the warmth, the biochemical interaction with my skin. It doesn’t last forever. The sun has a schedule and it will pass when it will. So I respected that time of training even more. I was set on getting mobilized, warming up, getting the lifts done. We had a great time teaching, learning, and talking each other through movements. And we were focused on the training.

Another dear friend told me about where he grew up, in Oregon. The house he lived in had a nice backyard, and with a barbell and some plates he was able to train in peace under the sky. He said it was one of the best environments for training.

There’s something about training oneself in the midst of nature. Under the sky, in the sun, breathing fresh air, smelling trees or flowers nearby. There’s a level of respect and gratitude for my surroundings that causes me to be very mindful of what I’m doing.

And a connectedness to where I am that humbles me. Meditation in the moments before lifting the weight comes with ease. There’s much less to cut through to get to my inner core. I am in my element. And I resonate with all that’s around me, taking and returning the energy.

To powerful living,




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