Ever Evolving Routine

Routine is only as good as the purpose for which you have set it. And that purpose is only as good as the routine which supports it.

My purpose is to share with you how I’m trying to be more mobile, more mindful, more connected to the earth, and more whole.

Even as I write this to you, I wonder if I am present. Whether I’m reaching deep enough to communicate what truly matters.

My routine involves all of these things that I want to spread and perpetuate. Because how can I share something I myself don’t struggle with, shape every day, and feel and think deeply about?

In a way, routine is about balance with purpose. The extent to which the habit, the pattern, needs to be upheld in order to fulfill the purpose. And the extent to which the purpose needs to be fulfilled, to justify the routine.

Then, there’s the human element to all this. We just want to enjoy life.

I observe friends and people who are fulfilling a major purpose and find that for the very best of them, for the most vibrant people, routine includes an enjoyment of life. Otherwise, enjoying life would mean breaking the routine. And maintaining the routine could mean forgoing joy.

So I endeavor to insert the enjoyment of life into my routine. I never want routine to become a cold, hard machine of misery. Instead, it should be the ever useful tool of humanity for accomplishing dreams and living the dream.

I’m making a couple of tweaks to my routine.

  • Designate one day of the week for brainstorming with others toward my purpose.
  • Work outside for a part of each day.
  • Think about things I’m happy to have once a day.

Live powerfully,


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