Layers exposed

NL 62 Arizona Rock Layers The Brilliant Beast Blog.jpg

We’re like these rock. Layers upon layer of sand and rock. Water fills on top for a period of time and dries up. Salt leaves a thin layer of white. Then more sand, more rock.

Life layers on top of our souls. Experiences pile upon experiences. People come, and go, and deep interactions with them leave their sediment in our hearts. We go deep inward, continuing to learn, build, and grow.

We don’t know how much we can hold. Our tender hearts feel the weight of all that rock pressing down on us. At times we wonder what it’s all for.

And then the rains come, times of abundance, prosperity, reward. They wash and they wash over the compacted layers. And when all is quiet and dry, magnificent structures remain.

Such raging beauty could not come through without the process. The outsides of rock seldom tell of the magic inside. Keep faith in the interim.

Live powerfully,


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