Choice and Influence

I can choose to be positive.

Whether I’ve gotten enough sleep or not. Whether I’ve eaten right or not. Whether I’m limber and mobile or tight and sore. Whether or not I’ve been barefoot on the ground within the past couple of days. No matter my condition I can choose to act positively in thought, words, and body. My choices are influenced by my environment. The actions that come from me are heavily tinged with the color of my wellness. But choice is still a choice. There is always a moment of decision that is free of surroundings.

But it’s a lot easier when I’ve done things right. It’s possible to stack the deck. I can make things such that I’m more likely to choose well, more inclined to act positively, and better equipped make a good impact on the world.

But yet again, choice is a choice. As much as we want to do more to make ourselves better, it comes down to choices. As Seth Godin says, the methods can be a distraction. When I’m tired, and I’m not where I want to be, it’s too late to try to change things around me. I’ve got to simply make the decision to do good. Whether I feel like it or not.

And then, again, there’s the ability to maximize my potential to do good. So that, in the moments of truth, I think less about doing anything else but the right things.

Live powerfully,


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