Worth Your Salt

Know the importance of salt.

It keeps you hydrated by helping your cells retain water. Lack of salt will pull water into the bloodstream and out of your body. The more water you drink at this point, without salt, the more dehydrated you will get. Your cells need a concentration of salt. They will let water go to reach it.

Salt is also a key factor involved in neuron activation. Sodium, potassium, and calcium balance each other in the firing of nerve signals. Lack of salt can mean lessened control of your body.

Salt helps to restore the endocrine system, or your hormone control center. When you’ve had a stressful day, your endocrine glands are spent from pumping out adrenaline. Many symptoms of fatigue and lightheadedness and lack of focus can be resolved with more salt.

Our society has placed a misinformed taboo on salt. Like many strange things we think, aversion to salt can slowly kill people. Salt is not only normal and okay to eat, it is essential for good health. It is critical to survival and instrumental to thriving.

Roman soldiers were paid in salt for their services. The word salary comes from this form of payment. A soldier “worth his salt” was one who performed well.

If you’re not taking a pinch of salt with water here and there, at least be liberal with it in cooking. If you’re craving something salty, follow that. It won’t kill you. That’s just not true. Eating salt in healthy amounts is good for you. And you will most likely experience a revival in energy with a resupply of salt to your system.

I like to take a pinch, or just under a gram, with water at the start of the day if I’m feeling tired upon waking. Before a training session or a long walking day during travel, extra salt helps me a lot. It keeps me hydrated and safe from those small headaches and fatigue that come from heat. When I’m cooking I add salt until the food tastes satisfying. There’s no reason to hold back. My body knows what I need. I also pay attention to whether I’m satisfied after dinner. Sometimes that strange second gear of hunger comes from a need for salt.

Salt. So old, yet so new. Get familiar with it. How strange we are in our ultra modern, overly tinkered stage of human health.

Live powerfully,


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