Feed Your Grandkids

Eating affects not only you, now, but your offspring, in the future.

I think I eat this bread tonight and I’m okay the next morning, that I can handle the after effects. But I forget that I’m shaping my progeny’s lives as well. The food that our parents and grandparents and even great grandparents ate affects the genes we express.

I see lots of badly behaving kids in my travels. Parents don’t seem to care how their kids act in public. They let them scream, disturb strangers, and give them what they want at the slightest start of a tantrum. My guess is that this behavior is affected by what the parents, their, parents, and their parents, ate and did in the past.

Of course, the same would go for those kids that are sweethearts, that behave amazingly, and exude vibrant health.

The stuff we’re exposed to also affects the genetics of our kids and their kids. Pesticides and other chemicals in our environment not only affect our health but our future family’s health. The thing is we can also reverse the effects by what we do and eat.

I may not be in the best shape possible. I can be reactive to stress, I have stomach issues, I’ve been prone to depression. These are things that could have grown from my ancestor’s lives. I can do much to thrive and to protect my kids and grandkids from the predispositions I’ve experienced. We can eat and do to turn things around for ourselves and for our future.

Past, present, and future. The more we learn, the more we find that these are one and the same.

Live powerfully.


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