Earthing Every Day

Set yourself up to earth every day.

I’ve been earthing almost every morning the past few months. The way I’ve been doing it is by having a set exercise time with my kettlebell outside. Since I train barefoot it works out well. I get a good recharge for the day, through strength building and by absorbing the Earth’s surface energy.

I enjoy being outside barefoot, whether it’s to train or to leisurely walk with my wife through the neighborhood. I was talking with a friend the other day about my travel in Thailand. During our stay in a beach town at the southern coast, my wife and I never touched a bit of asphalt. It was all sand, concrete, or dirt, and I had the ironic luxury of treading barefoot for four days straight. What an experience to not smother my feet in tight socks, then encase them in rubber and leather shoes, day after day! To simply wake up and walk out the door to explore without the hassle of shoes.

Walking barefoot, training strength with feet directly on the ground, running and jumping and moving with your feet gripping and helping you to maneuver, and simply sitting in a squat or standing while talking with company, is a wonderful physical part of life that is lost to most people here. You feel different when you’re barefoot. You walk differently and talk differently when you have no shoes. I have become something different, something more, from living a small part of my days with my feet on the ground.

Get that connection to the surface charge of Earth and start to neutralize excess inflammation. You can create a schedule which places you barefoot on the dirt, grass, beach, or at least concrete for ten minutes every day. If you have a dog, be barefoot together on your walk. You might find a more harmonious pace with your furry companion. If you have a fellow human to go outside together, hang out without your shoes. Do it in easy places. If you’re at the park or the beach, don’t hesitate for the right moment to shed your shoes. The moment is now. Prolong your time barefoot and expand your experiences barefoot. Walk to the parking lot barefoot after you’re done. When you’re camping go barefoot. What better or easier way to connect to the place in which you are staying.

Live powerfully.

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