This blog is here to tell you how I got rid of unnecessary pain. It is here to show you how I built myself to be clear minded and strong. It is meant to share the ways of one life.

You will find the tools here that I use to implement physical techniques, diet, mind cultivation, and connection with earth.

You can test everything for yourself.

What you will not find written here: The meaning of your own life. Things I have not used or tried. Things I do not believe will help me.

Use the menu at the top to explore the main spheres of focus that have been changing my life. Within each page you’ll find stories and letters with key resources, anecdotes, and thoughts. You may go as far and deep as you like. The blog section contains all posts. You can search a topic there to see thoughts and examples related to it. The more you read, the more you’ll see of my life, my mentality, my methods, my sources.

Please ask me if you don’t understand something. Expect a response. Really. I want to make sure you get what I mean, whether you decide to try it, believe it, or not.

Live powerfully,


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Copyright © 2016 Steve Ko, All rights reserved. Photos and articles are created by me, unless otherwise stated and credited.

Feel free to share your experiences, questions, and inspirations here

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