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Tell me where you are in building your wellness. Let me know what you’re doing already to live more powerfully. I’ll help you add tools and techniques to make you even more effective and resilient. We can address areas that you haven’t explored, and go deeper on the ones you’re already developing.


Eat good stuff. Don’t worry about the bad stuff. Eat good fats, first. Have clean carbs later. We’ll talk about some of the best foods and how to schedule eating different types of food to make you feel better and more energized. Observe easy indicators of health in the morning, adjust where needed, and live life one powerful day at a time. Test common food sources of angst, stop eating the ones that trouble you. Eat more good stuff. Eat when you want. Watch your cravings fade, feel your hunger coming into your control, realize the new potential you hold. Worry less. Feel better and better. Focus your energy on your life’s purpose. Move forward.

Strength and Mobility

I’ve been reclaiming my physiology after years of brute training, abusive sports conditioning, and misguided weight training. I accumulated joint pain, overall tightness and inflexibility, and major discomfort. A tuned body puts the mind in an optimum position to be clear, focused, and creative. A body racked with pain and stiffness restricts the mind. After many mornings of excruciating back pain, I took ownership of my poor physiology and started to rebuild myself. After months of research, relearning, and retraining, I was able to sit comfortably on the ground, live without back pain, and squat three hundred pounds. I’m still developing my mobility, strength, and physical wellness through gentle and progressive training methods.

You may not care to lift heavy barbells or get ripped. But you may want a resilient body that supports the demanding work you do with your mind. Sitting without constant fidgeting, walking without bothersome joint aches, a solid posture, and effortless movement are some things you can develop. Lessening and getting rid of these little bothers can free your mind to create and function on a much higher level. I’ll help you figure out where specific problems originate and solve them. We’ll talk about basic movements and assess how you can improve upon your unique build and physical tendencies.

Other tactics for Strength and Mobility training:

  • Use gentle practices to mobilize stiff hips and learn beneficial positions
  • Lift real life things properly, every time. Build technique and form that protect your back, knees, shoulders, and spine
  • Develop a movement language for standing, walking, getting up and down, and sitting
  • Figure out what few areas of life causing the most long term pain and discomfort
  • Weight training

Mind Cultivation

Your ideas today become your world tomorrow. You have the right to be a self-driven, clear, and focused person. The mind is the center of creation. I will share relevant resources to nourish self esteem, reinvigorate creativity, and reclaim your destiny.

I will help you become aware of your thoughts and mental tendencies. We’ll go into behavioral change and control of output. I can also talk with you about filtering inputs. Some additional topics that might help:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Techniques to utilize time
  • Develop social influence (face to face, not online)
  • Process emotions during and after intense interactions
  • Recognizing critical times of the day and engineering a schedule to maximize your wellness


In addition to nutrition through food, movement, and mind cultivation, our health is balanced out by energy and resources from the earth and natural environments.

Free electrons from the surface of the earth and ocean water can pass through bare feet and skin to help neutralize oxidation within the body. Spending time in forests and other undisturbed natural environments exposes your immune system to helpful fungus and bacteria that boost your resilience. The sun holds untapped benefits to your wellness such as vitamin and chemical production, eye health, and sleep regulation.

I will help you incorporate exposure to natural energy and environment in ways that work with your current state of wellness and lifestyle. There are many possibilities for making the natural environment a part of your daily life. Some ideas we can discuss:

  • Barefoot practice,
  • Scheduling environment connection time in a busy life
  • Finding ideal places to connect with the earth

Schedule a session

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Let me know the following:

  1. Brief summary of what your life looks like – schedule, eating, activities, major events that currently affect you, wellness practices.
  2. What area you want to talk about most: Food, Strength and Mobility, Mind Cultivation, or Earthing.
  3. Your most important, most immediate, or ultimate purposes/goals.
  4. Length of session: 1 to 3 hours.
  5. Where: Online or In person.

When and Where:

    Please give me at least a day in advance notice for a scheduled session. I will take into account emergency needs, but this depends on my availability. Remember, quality comes from preparation for your specific goals.Online hours are flexible – let me know when and we’ll figure out the best time for both of our time zonesIn person sessions are limited to my location. Reach out and let me know where. If I’m not in town at the moment, perhaps we can schedule a later date and talk online in the meantime.

Supplemental items I can provide you after each session:

  • Video recording of our session
  • Write up of a summary of our talk
    • Problems
    • Action items
    • Resources

Please understand: My ultimate goal here is to help you become the best version of yourself. I can only share what I have experienced, tried, and found to be true for myself or from direct experience with another person. I’m not a physician nor any sort of licensed health practitioner. If you have a life threatening emergency, please go to your nearest medical facility for treatment.

My training and advice is rooted in personally tested information from research, experienced health and wellness professionals, and my own life. I’ve been a health and fitness enthusiast my entire life. Within the last five years, I have seen tremendous positive change from experimenting with nutrition, exercise, mind cultivation, and earthing. Every person is different. Response to methods, foods, and practices will differ and vary between each customer. I will work to find the best solutions to your problems. I will make sure to address your unique circumstances and experiences.

Lastly, I’m not offering advice as a part of any organization or business apart from my own. If there is a product for which I get online affiliate compensation, I’ll give you full disclosure when I suggest it. I reserve the right to refuse to engage with anyone based on information provided in the application if I feel that it does not align with my passion to spread wellness. The more you know about yourself and what you want to accomplish, the better I can help you.

I look forward to hear from you.

Live powerfully,