David L.

When I was younger, I had always been active playing contact sports and worked out everyday during my time in the military. I have since been living a much more sedentary lifestyle chasing my post-military, civilian career.

Several years ago, Steve proposed I go through a kettlebell training session with him. Having been in the military where workouts tended to be more common things like weight lifting and running, I had always been skeptical about kettlebells. I mean, how much benefit is there to swinging weights as opposed to straight lifting them?

But I obliged and met Steve at a local park where, true to Steve’s fashion, he demanded we do the training barefoot. To that, I also obliged.

Through Steve’s guidance and pointers, what started off as a real awkward motion swinging the kettlebells quickly turned more natural as I perfected the swing in no time.

I had mentioned to Steve that I had a lingering shoulder issue stemming from an injury I sustained from my military days doing combatives. It wasn’t so bad to the point where I couldn’t perform the swings, but to assist, he pointed out that I should be packing in the shoulders and that they shouldn’t be relaxed. I complied.

Again, I had been skeptical of all this, but over time, my shoulder started to bother me less and less. Today, my shoulder bothers me to the point where I no longer remember which shoulder was the problem. Which is to say, it bothers me no longer. I was completely surprised by this and have Steve to thank for getting rid of a problem that had plagued me for many, many years.

I’m not so dramatic to say this training session changed my life, but it definitely had immense benefits that I never thought about. I wish I would have gone through the kettlebell training session with Steve sooner.