James Y.

Hi, my name is James and I’ve known Steve for about 20 years. I’ve seen him train through three competition level disciplines and a ton of personal learning and certification:
  – rugby
  – football
  – competitive power lifting
  – kettlebell
  – full body conditioning
  – health (nutrition, meaning of life)

I’ve come to appreciate what he’s pointed me towards with kettlebells on a whole new level.

It’s been a trip – quite literally. Take what you learn from what he teaches
you and apply it to what you naturally enjoy doing:
  – dancing
  – running
  – sitting
  – making love
  – climbing

 And then imagine doing those activities with the power and poise of a kettlebell practitioner. Whatever it is, you get to know that activity with a new body. It’s so incredible to re-experience a common activity because your body changed so much.

I’d highly recommend it for anyone who has a body and 30 minutes a day.

Climbing is a great example. While climbing at a gym, there is a sensation of
hanging on to something that feels so much like many portions of the kettlebell
swing; especially overhung routes.

Both make you understand how to hold on to something with the best form. If you don’t understand this aspect of climbing, then you won’t progress, whether that be in:
   – complete control of motion and force
   – trying something you’ve done time after time but in a more upright, strong way
   – again, think of any movement where you have to exert power (motion) AND strength (load)

As an additional bonus: you get to see your body physically change! It’s fun to
see how my body adjusts to master the weight I’m working with. Past habits and working assumptions about how I should move through a motion are being
challenged. It’s been transformative for my posture, despite every other part of my life being confined to sedentary activities.

10 out of 7 – would recommend. If there’s more from where that came from I’d love to know 😀