Change of plans, training regimens

Brilliant friends,

After a week of testing out live filming of my training sessions, I decided to change things up a bit. One problem I have is that my training now takes place just before dawn, and nothing’s visible for the first half of it. No point in filming it. The other problem is that my phone battery dies fast in the cold. Very interesting.

So, I’m moving this Saturday’s live session to 8 a.m. pacific. Rather than train during the live session, I’ll devote 100% to either answering questions or explaining my approach to developing a long term training regimen.

My philosophy on training is that it develops strength and should be used as a daily practice of movement, form, meditation, and discipline. Strength training in the morning galvanizes the spirit, and calms the mind. When you feel physically ready, your mind can relax and act in confidence.

You also can do much less on a daily basis to build strength than you would need to do on a three times a week, twelve weeks per year kind of workout program. There’s no need to exhaust yourself, because you’re going to be back tomorrow.

Let’s talk more on Saturday morning. 8 a.m. pacific. I look forward to seeing you there.

Live powerfully,


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