Basic Strength Training

My mission is to help you be clear minded and strong.

Simple principles involving food and eating, physical movement, connection to nature, and mind cultivation have improved my well-being. Those near me who have adopted practices based on these same principles, fitted to their daily living, have also benefited from very small changes.

We’ll develop good food choices through experimentation and observation, using research as our guide. This will include incorporating good fats into your diet and filtering out the foods that contribute to discomfort and negative reactions.

I will teach you to build mobility and strength through weight training. We will open up the hips, stabilize the knees, and develop your feet. You’ll build a strong and flexible back and functional shoulders through progressive  movements. You will become more physically capable and independent in life.

Who I am: I start each day with butter coffee and strength training. My focus is developing a long term training regimen that I plan to use for years if not decades. I started purposefully building strength in grade school with monkey bars, pushups and pullups, advancing to machines and the barbell in my teen years. In college, I played rugby and increased my strength through the primary barbell and dumbbell exercises. Today, I use the barbell and kettlebells as my tools of strength. I’m a StrongFirst certified barbell strength instructor.

My USPA powerlifting record for the California 2014 Championships is as follows: Squat 369lb; Deadlift 391lb; Bench Press 237lb. This was raw with no wraps, at a body weight of 168lb.

According to the strength classification based on 70 years of research by Dr. Lon Kilgore, I am ranked:
• Squat – Advanced
• Deadlift – Intermediate
• Bench Press – Intermediate

According to the Russian Classification Chart based upon a raw total of these lifts, I am ranked a novice, or just below Class III, at 76kg body weight and 452.5kg total.

As of 2020, I currently train with the 32kg and 40kg kettlebells on the Simple and Sinister regimen, alternating with deadlifts and presses on the Power to the People program.

My work experience has also expanded my perspective on human health. I was a supervisor of a healthcare organization in Los Angeles that focused on the causes of death for thousands of deceased patients. With thousands of medical history reviews, both from hospital records and interviews with nurses, doctors, and families, I found that most people today die from health problems that have causes which can easily be resolved by adjusting daily habits. This further drove me to inspire change in the people around me.

When: You can plan training sessions with me according to your schedule. Training will be casual and light at first, as we get to know each other. With time and increased commitment, you can schedule more sessions according to your goals and progress.

Where: I am currently in the Austin, Texas area. Training can begin at the home or any place of your choosing that allows for the minimal equipment necessary. We can also arrange for online sessions.

Your training will reasonable and effective. This will improve the longevity of the habits you build and make it simpler for you to continue to develop wellness through your whole life.

If you have the will, I will help you find the way to a stronger life.

Focused Training Sessions

Weekly one-on-one training sessions will be one hour. You will also be able to contact me between sessions for additional guidance.

I will follow up with you throughout the week, on a schedule predetermined at our face to face sessions. If there is a need to meet in person in addition to our weekly meeting, we can do so.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me by email.

Live powerfully!


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