Powerlifting and Progression Strength Training

Powerlifting and Progression Strength Training : The general design of a beginner’s 5×5 barbell strength program. Five lifts, three days a week, as many weeks as you want to take it before your mind crumbles.

The Body Weight Squat : Practice this before getting under a barbell. Then, do it with a broomstick. Once you get a feel for a proper squat, with back straight and hips below knees, head to the gym.

Torque and Getting Deeper on the Squat : After solidifying body weight squat technique, practice with a pole on your shoulders. Your body acts differently when you’re gripping something up against your back. Learn how torque gives your body the stability from which to express power.

How to Grip the Barbell for Squats : A good squat set starts with an iron grip on the bar.

Beginner Hacks for Deadlift Bar Loading : If this is your first time doing a barbell movement at a gym, read these tips and tricks first. Plan before you step inside for your first session.

The “Hang Grip” for Deadlifts and Barbell Rows : Use this grip for deadlifts, which is different from the grip for squats and presses.

Get Rid of Slack on the Deadlift : Every deadlift starts rock solid and tight as a drawn bowstring.

More Thoughts on Deadlift Slack : Further guidance on staying tight.

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