Water is Scarce

This is a solvable problem. But it’s kind of hard.

Even in developed places, like Los Angeles, clean reliable drinking water is not a given. I once left a white bowl full of tap water overnight. The next morning I saw that the bottom was yellow. That is not long term drinkable. Maybe if I had no other water on the planet. But no.

So I need to figure out how to get a regular supply of drinking water.

There’s the whole plastic issue too. Bottles made with BPA containing materials are the norm, and it’s hard or expensive or unreliable to use BPA free bottles still. Glass seems to be a winner in the BPA fight but then it’s a loser in the weight and practicality fight.

Perhaps I could just move to the mountains and find a spring. There actually are quite a few springs up there. Problem solved, but many many others created.

Let’s step back a little. The great thing about all this struggling is that it’s happening. We’re trying to create a world that is not here yet. We want to have water that is from a natural source, that is clean and healthy, and to have it regularly. We thought we solved the problem by creating pipes and water processing plants, but then it got complicated.

People who took control of those things did not have the best information, the tools, the desire, to provide the water that would feed everyone well. They solved one problem they thought was important, and neglected the others that were more important.

We want to live a different life. One that does not quite exist. And we are creating it. Business will grow from this desire and demand and need. And structure will surround it, and enforce it. And a new reality will take place.

And that is change. It’s growth of the Universe.

Here’s one more step for me. I found a local water shop that filters tap and dispenses for quite cheap per gallon. I met the owner, who’s run this service for 13 years. And he’s a jolly guy. I trust him. So I bought bottles (not BPA free, will get there next) and figured out a way to get the water into my glass dispensing jug. I use the fuel theft technique, as seen in Rat Race, executed by Cuba.


Set up the top of the dispensing jug lower than the 5gal bottle. If you can’t set it up that low, it’s okay. As long as the top of the jug is lower than the final water level of the 5gal by the time the jug is full, the water will still flow.

NL Water is Scarce 1 The Brilliant Beast Blog.png


Place a tube long enough to reach into the 5gal, at the final water level, and long enough to place into the top of the jug. Leave the jug end out for now. You’ll need to stick it into your mouth.

NL Water is Scarce 2 The Brilliant Beast Blog.jpg

The water level in the 5gal shown above was the final resting point after the jug was completely filled. My glass jug is 2gal, so you get an idea how much it would take.


This is the grease monkey step – suck on the free tube end until the water flows, then place the tube end into the jug. It helps to secure the tube in the top of the jug if you can, shown below.

NL Water is Scarce 3 The Brilliant Beast Blog.jpg

NL Water is Scarce 4 The Brilliant Beast Blog.jpg


Make sure the water is flowing into the jug.

NL Water is Scarce 5 The Brilliant Beast Blog.jpg

Just so I make sure you’re not being misled, that really cool looking flowy line coming from the end of the tube is not water! It’s part of the jug’s logo. The water is sort of dispersing out against the glass here. Stop looking at the other stuff on my table.

Once the jug is full, simply pull the tube out of the 5gal bottle. The water will stop running. Depending how long your tube is, you may have to pull it out a bit sooner, or else the extra water remaining in the tube could overfill your jug. Anticipate!

Alright, these were terrible photos, I know. I’m sorry. Not my best art. But I figured it would be good enough for this purpose.

If you’re allergic to bad photography, let me know and I may consider putting together a prettier post. Might not. But I actually might, since this guide is also for my wife, who is without a doubt reactive to bad photography.

Awesome. Find that trustworthy source of water, hustle a little bit, feed yourself well. Oh yea, and this water tastes pretty good. So I may be on to something. Let me know if you have a specific set of standards for drinking water. Would love to hear.

To powerful living!



Useful Tools

Glass Jug
This is what I use to dispense water. It’s been sturdy, easy to clean, and easy to refill:
Durable Glass Beverage Dispenser with Locking Clamp & Spigot ~ 2 Gallons Thick Glass Jug Bar & Party Centerpiece

So I actually detatched the hose from my Camelbak that I use for trekking for this purpose. Use whatever suits you, preferably something without that rubber scent. This is the Camelbak water pack:
Camelbak 100 oz Antidote Replacement Reservoir

Activated Bamboo Charcoal
The black things in my water jug, if you noticed. This is a bonus biohack! Absorbs positively charged microbes, particles and saves you from them. It’s what they use for poisoning in the ER. I get them from Daiso, but found similar looking ones on Amazon if you want to buy online. I’m going to try these next time.
Kishu Binchotan Charcoal Personal Sticks, 6 Sticks of Water Filter

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