Nip The Bud of Inflammation

Medications are doled out like candy on Halloween to “patients” suffering from diseases. Medications have “side effects”. Side effects, or conditions caused by medications, are treated with other medications. Thus, medicine begets medicine.

Why not just nip it in the bud?

For example. There’s so much medical buzz around diseases caused simply by inflammation. These range from big timers like Alzheimer’s and dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, and systemic lupus erythematosus, to the less severe-seeming conditions like joint and low back pain, general swelling, headaches, and breakouts like acne or hives.

I’m not a doctor, so I have every right to say something about this.

Inflammation is caused for most people by the food we eat. Grains and gluten, fermented soy, yeast in beer and wine, lectins from nightshades, protein in excess of twenty percent daily calories, mold in beans and cheeses, damaged casein in processed milk products, and food from animals raised on these aforementioned foods, are worth everyone’s time to study within their own diets.

I’ve experienced much of the benefits of my changed diet after heeding Dave Asprey’s advice book about these foods relating to inflammation.

I would understand the medical industry if doctors handed their patients pills after looking at their diets. If people paid attention to what they were eating, and realized what it was doing to them, there would hardly need to be any anti-inflammatory, anti-degenerative, hormone-hacking, pain-killing pills.

Those remedies you can simply find in a mindfully grown garden and well-tended ranch.

But the responsibility lies with the patient, ultimately. Look, if I’m not feeling better, if my symptoms are not going away, if I am not getting well, I have to reconsider the treatment plan. I can’t continue to believe that anything a doctor says is true.

Research, studies, and experience serve their purpose for medical practitioners. But ultimately well-being can only be defined and felt by each of us for ourselves.

Brilliant friends, we worry about the state of the world. We want the condition of humankind’s health to improve and the system to be designed to make us whole. The great thing is that the world is made of individuals. Including you and yours truly.

A single person deciding to change himself can power the world to change itself. It’s just a matter of scale. Look at the gluten-free impact. Who would have thought twenty years ago that food companies would make loaves of “Gluten-Free Bread”?

Okay, so gluten free bread is sort of an over-reach. The point is that the world is always changing. The change comes from each of us.

If we look at ourselves, and examine closely the symptoms, and get to the root of our mood swings, dig for the cause of our messed up backs, locate the seeds of our swelling, and we try to right the soil in which we are planted, we may emerge healed. Why visit the doctor?

Doctors will be visiting their patients. Having an office, a hospital facility, would be unprofitable. Organ transplant waiting lists will disappear. Gardening will replace nursing as a top growing industry and occupational pursuit.

Let’s start. Do you experience inflammation? Nothing to be surprised about, if you’re eating what everyone else is. Let’s start with food. Nip it in the bud.

Live powerfully,


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