Stay Close to the Center

Time is funny. I still think of it as a line, with dots along it. And those dots are the times to do things, or the times that things happen.

But then I think that a line is made up of infinite dots. Time is made of infinite moments. Depending on the context, the number of dots varies. I would see a few dots when trying to remember what I ate for dinner two days ago. Or twenty dots if I’m trying to remember where I last left my phone.

The string of time spirals, too. I’m moving through a life made of days. Each day begins with a sunrise and ends with a sunset. Each morning I am different from myself the morning before, yet very similar. I move through the cycle of the day, experiencing, learning, growing, moving with my mindset and goal and dream. To the close observer, I appear very much the same as I was yesterday. And I probably am.

But in a wider perspective, although I move in cycles, I move forward. Each day I am slightly different. Each day I am one step forward from the propulsion of my mind. I may not notice day to day, but if I suddenly step back and look, I’ve come a long way. Each day looked like the last, but really it was in a new place.

It’s exciting to see how far we’ve gone. It’s thrilling, if we haven’t looked for a long amount of time. We see our academic and career accomplishments, family building, and the money and things we’ve obtained. We see how we’ve changed the world. We’ve gone so far toward our dreams. And it’s important to remember that we’ve gone there along a spiraling path.

As we move forward, we are ever close to our origin. Who we were yesterday is very close to who we are today and will be tomorrow. If we ignore that, if we keep a perspective that’s too broad, we’re only going to see a straight line from past to present to future. Too focused on stepping forward linearly, we’re going to lose track of ourselves.

Thus we embrace ourselves, and trust our will and heart to bring us step by step toward the future. We decide to remain close to the core of our being, and thereby take a more direct route to our dreams.

Live powerfully,


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